We’re an Israeli company building
e-commerce websites for businesses.

Given the current situation in Israel, our CEO was drafted into the army to protect our country.

Most of our customers can't pay or continue their projects right now, 
so we're looking to expand our client base to businesses out of the country, to fight for our CEO as he's fighting for us.

Nissan Mizrahi

Nissan lives in Ashkelon, a city surrounding the Gaza Strip

He spent over 20 years in the Israeli army, pursuing various technology-based roles. 

Once the war broke out in Israel, Mizrahi was called to once again serve and protect our country. 

"We are stronger than ever and determined to eliminate Hamas and restore peace in our beautiful country," said Mizrahi.

Our Services

Migration to Shopify

Transfering of all data, content, financial information, and more to a platform that will convert more

Web design

Building you a custom-designed website to fit your unique needs

Email Marketing

Setting up an email marketing system based on advanced automations

Business Development

Consulting for ecommerce store owners to improve the conversion rate

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